Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Originally posted over at my other blog, but a friend recommended that I post it here:

I am still reading the book Humility by Andrew Murray. I am about half way through the book. It isn't a long book, but I only read it for a few minutes every other morning. It has been really good, with several different thought-provoking phrases from the author.

I ran across this one the other day:
If once we learn that to be nothing before God is the glory of the creature, the spirit of Jesus, the joy of heaven, we shall welcome with our whole hearts the discipline we may have in serving even those who try to vex us.
Andrew Murray from the book Humility

One reason why I enjoyed this quote is that it stirred in me at the teacher level. Some people don't like to talk about this, but let's face it... some students are out to vex you in any way that they can. I am not a bad teacher for saying this, I am just realistic. It is those students that it is the most important to serve. It also reveals something about you if you do not serve those students who are trying to vex you.

There are many other relationships in life where one could apply this quote. You will always meet vexing people, people who are (whether in reality or not) out to get you.

Seeking that place of humility before God, truly is, the glory of the creature. Don't forget that truth as you walk through life today.


  1. I love the subject of humility because when it comes down to it, it is central to the gospel. Pride is what seperates us from God and it is God's humbleness and our willingness to be humble that reunites us.
    Thank you for the great reminder that we need to continue to serve humbly even those who 'vex' us. I think that you are reading this book for me, so that I would hear about it and be reminded of this truth today. Thank you!

  2. Last year my church was reading the Kerry and Chris Shook book, "One Month to Live." Day 13 is titled Sandpaper: Smoothing the Edges. On page 96 they write (and I underlined): "He allows sandpaper people into your life so He can craft you into a sharper tool for His purposes." Then they quote Paul from Ephesians 2:10: "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

    Kids are often like sandpaper. Even my own children help "smooth my edges" daily. It's frustrating, but a good frustration to endure.

    When I start to angry with the sandpaper people I try to remember their role in my life (and perhaps my role in theirs). It helps tame my temper.

  3. I like that term..."sandpaper people"

    I have a few of those in my life right now. I suppose I need to focus more on the rough edges (on myself) instead of the sand (on the sandpaper people).


  4. I am worship leader for my church and used the sandpaper person example a while back and after church a wonderful sister in Christ stopped me and said "don't forget, sandpaper comes in a lot of different grades and the more it is used in furniture refinishing, the smoother the wood when the process is done". I like to believe that I will not only have smoother edges but I will also be a great finished product when my final finish is applied.

    Thank you all for your perspectives on Christianity and its relationship to education - being in a public school makes it hard to keep good thoughts going all the time but your ideas are a real boost!